We guide teams towards agility

We guide your teams in all stages of their adaptation to agility, until they can be autonomous in the development of this process. Drawing from the experience of our experienced coaches in agility, you can check how successful it is to adopt agile methodologies in your organization.

Gain competitive advantages in your market with our Agile Coaching service, and overcome the challenges with expert guides on your side, obtaining the collective wisdom of all our consultants who will find the best ideas and solutions to your challenges in brainstorming; while the team is expanding its training and getting empowered with great agile practices to be applied into real situations of your company.

What we offer?


Accelerate the positive results of the implementation of agile methods with our training. Through our Agile Coaching Service, we will designate a mentor who will guide you in the real conditions of your business.


Innova4J supports your teams at key moments to help them through agile ceremonies, answering the puzzling questions about applying agile techniques in your unique environment and modeling a leadership service and agile mindset that will drive the team to excellence.


Under our Coaching, teams learn how to deliver high-value, the knowhow of the operation of the agile methodology, the characteristics based versions of early review, the value that’s granted for having constant visibility into projects and the predictability offered for being in constant evaluation.


Get expert advice as you are doing the real work. Whether on-site or remotely, our consultants can train your teams, programs, PMO or another group.

Ready to conquer business challenges

Practices and techniques of agile methodologies are relatively simple, however, we know that they can be difficult to master and adopt for individuals, teams, programs and entire companies. It’s not enough to define a multifunctional team to lead the process and learn the basics, expert’s advice and appropriate support to ensure success is absolutely necessary.

Main results:

  • Deliver high value, high quality products and services that appeal to customers.
  • Make critical decisions quickly to avoid common failure patterns on agile processes adoptions.
  • Achieve performance, visibility and predictability to make wiser decisions.
  • Adapting to change more effectively and navigate “safely” in highly competitive markets.

Main services features:

  • Align the strategy and development of products and services.
  • Adopt agile methods at team level in the context of their actual work and unique environment.
  • Scale Agile practices successfully at various levels of your company.
  • Reallocate resources to maximize growth of its portfolio of products or services.