Experts in customized solutions development

Tailored applications allow you to customize processes and business operations, which can open up significant opportunities in the market. In Innova4J we are experts in this kind of development.

We create solutions that are flexible, scalable and secure and we do it through an agile and adaptive strategy that integrates change to the organization in an organic way, ensuring product quality and putting customers and users at the heart of the applications strategy.

Our Developmental approximation

In our research laboratory, we combine agile performance methodologies with effective design strategies, allowing us to keep the customer involved throughout the product creation cycle. We believe that his work approach is a differentiating factor that leads us to always deliver quality solutions.

We prefer to work under the agile Scrum methodology, which is an iterative and incremental software development approach. This method provides the best combination of control and visibility while allowing flexibility in the solutions development process. We have found that Scrum is the best way to manage software development.

Why make Innova4J your Agile IT Partner?

We understand how vital it can be for your company to interact effectively with their customers, we know how critical and decisive this process can be. Our customers decided to work with us for the following reasons:

  • We perform agile app development

    Innova4J is a research, consulting and software development laboratory that began as a company specialized in creating technological solutions. We know what it takes to develop custom software to provide added value to your business. See more of our Expertise

  • We master a wide range of technologies

    We have nearly a decade of experience and our policy of continuous improvement requires us to keep up with innovation and the emergence of open source technological resources. See how we can meet your needs.

  • We improve how do you do business

    Thanks to the positive implementation of methods such as offshoring, we enjoy a large shared time zone, which allows us to partner with entrepreneurs and organizations anywhere in the world. Having experts in several regions provides us with new business visions, different interpretations and proposals from other perspectives, to help us develop innovative ideas and original projects. Learn more about our global reach.

  • We are experts in executing and coaching Agile Methodology

    Innova4J is a company with a strong agile culture. This way of acting and thinking is evident at all levels of our organization and in all areas. We are focus in being like this and spreading this skill that we have led to the creation of an initiative that promotes such knowledge between companies and communities in education. Learn more in