Our Most Recent Success Stories

+ 200 Companies have relied on Innova4j to accelerate their growth.

Ticket System

Ticket system under web, responsive,
that allows to have a record of equipment park,
generate technical orders, reports,
customized modules for clients.

Project Management System

With a Dashboard to visualize the
general state of projects, must allow
the creation, management and assignment
of projects.


Automate the guarantee procedure by means of
a platform, reducing documentation times,
diagnosis, and generation of invoice and credit note.

ERP System

ERP system that has three modules: payroll,

treasury and accounting that allows
to save on processes and paperwork.

Business Finder

Personalized search engine for businesses, filters

hundreds of businesses to find the one that

best suits your needs.

Monitoring and inventory

Agile and systematic monitoring of inventories,
prices, promotions and competitors in real time.

Health care from distance

Health care from distance project that
shortens the distance between doctors
and patients, which are used in
timely diagnoses.