Get planning services from valuable business experts who understand your goals.

Innova4J offers a team of experienced consultants to help you define your objectives and desired outcomes clearly, in order to create an approach that suits your needs and balances the benefits of the best practices with the need for speed, efficiency and flexibility required by businesses today.

Innova4J offers counseling and business planning to help align IT with your goals. And while making the transition to new solutions, or expanding existing ones, we work with you to minimize disruption and ensure that you are getting the most out of our consulting service.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting service will help you drive strategic alignment of technological solutions to the strategic objectives of your company.

The goal of any investment in enterprise technology is achieving specific business objectives with measurable results and benefits. Today with limited budgets, IT leaders must ensure that each investment provides a measurable business impact.

Our consultants will provide assistance to help you be more successful with technology implementations; it will eliminate the burden of numerous tasks related to the adoption of its equipment, while providing the resources necessary to help ensure that product implementations offer real worth.

Comprehensive Consulting

The aim of this service is to evaluate your current technology implementation, to identify how much the ITs are helping you meet your business objectives.

Comprehensive consulting provides recommendations to improve the value of your investment through process and technological improvements. This type of consulting is available to our entire solutions portfolio.

Our expert consultants start the comprehensive consulting with a review of the original expectations and goals for the implementation of solutions, compared to the current state. Then we conduct a validation of the configuration, use cases and solutions environments to determine how the current state matches deployment goals. The configuration is then evaluated, we provide options and strategies to expand or improve your existing application with a documented report that provides recommendations for improving its current implementation options.

Design, Development and Architecture Consulting

This type of consulting seeks to bring the experience of an expert to advise your organization on architecture, design and approaches or assist in the implementation and configuration of technological solutions. Under this arrangement, we can advise on the following aspects:

  • Review your existing application or proposed implementation plan.
  • Assistance with installation tasks and troubleshooting performance.
  • Review of implementation in accordance with the best industry practices.
  • Knowledge Transfer.
  • Review of IT approaches regarding an Innova4J solution.
  • Validation of the application’s architecture and the identification of potential issues that may impact performance.
  • Ensure that the design adheres to the best practices.