Consultancy and strategies on Big Data solutions

The Big Data enterprise initiatives face a big challenge in trying to process and derive value from a large volume of data. These services, when applied correctly, have the ability to process huge volumes of information to extract the opportunities that can really boost your business to the next level.

In Innova4J, we believe that predictive data analytics should be an essential part of every business decision. Our company is positioned as a pioneer in the consulting service of Big Data for Latin America. Our global customers rely on our Big Data service to reduce costs, increase efficiency and generate new revenue channels.

Turn your data into opportunities

Our Big Data services include:

  • Big Data Laboratories and experience centers across multiple locations that focus on product evaluation and performance testing.
  • Innovative Frameworks focused on specific industry needs.
  • Specific key performance indicators (KPI) for each industry.
  • Advisement from the starting point to the end.
  • Well developed Big Data Roadmaps and architectural references.
  • Aggregators and accelerators for Big Data analytics.

BPulse, our Big Data tool

BPulse Big Data Solution

At this very moment, your business is generating thousands of data that are not properly processed and are necessary for achieving a higher level of certainty on operational and strategic decisions that are made every day.

How do I solve the dilemma?

BPulse is a Big Data solution that has been envisioned and designed to control the uncertainty in business, through the capture, filtering and analysis of millions of data generated every second.
BPulse allows you to assess, in real time and effectively, all the elements of the value chain, streamlining the decision making and discovering new business opportunities.

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