Dedicated Teams

Do not waste more time looking for expert technical profiles, the talent you are looking for is in Innova4J.

Hire your team

Increase your operational capacity with our expert team

There are different ways in which we can work together, no matter what they all give access to an expert, passionate and strongly aligned team. Choose the collaboration model that best suits your current needs and priorities.

Total control

Our team integrates quickly with your local team. We adapt to your best practices, company culture, tools and, most importantly, we align with your challenges and opportunities.

Competitive rates

We understand the importance of profitability, that’s why our rates are designed to do business.

High performance

We measure the productivity metrics of dedicated teams, we monitor their delivery of value, we evaluate points of improvement around the collaboration process and the team itself.

Your team conformed

Your dedicated team that speeds up the production speed of your products, usually consists of:

Manager Project manager

Handles the product from its conception until its final release. Document and communicate requirements, work with end users to test interface designs.

Idea Head of Engineering

Ask questions and understand user stories, propose an architecture to follow, create tasks and follow code.

UI UI Designer

Understands customers and how they interact with the interface. Develop prototypes for user stories.

Develop 2 x Developers

The code is their passion and meeting the goals is their motive, they do integration tests and end-to-end tests. They give life to the interface designs.

Transparency, flexibility and acceleration in the dedicated teams of Innova4j

We concentrate the knowledge of our experts in work centers with a high level of specialization. In our Centers of Excellence we cover the technologies of greatest demand in the market.

1. Flexibility

You determine the skills you need and the size of the team based on your business needs and goals.

2. Speed ​​

In a few days our business manager will provide the ideal profiles for your needs.

3. Strong Alignment

We organize workshops, meetings and work sections on effective knowledge transfer.

4. Personalization

We define a team incorporation plan dedicated to your projects based on your needs and expectations.

5. Total Control

You evaluate and approve one and each of the proposed members for your dedicated team.

6. Optimization

We help you decide the optimal structure of your dedicated team, looking for a balance between workload, cost and experience.

We take you to the next level!

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