On many occasions I have seen that some businesses -particularly in Latin America- still do not understand the importance of IT departments in their business structure, which does not allow them to grow as a company and to be able to develop in a more efficient way in the market, with which they are losing the opportunity to obtain greater profits and obtain more clients.

This exclusion, to put it in some way, makes it difficult for IT leaders to make a contribution to strategy business The low valuation of IT departments is strange at a time like the current one in which more than ever it is believed that technology plays a key role for the success of the company in all sectors.

Compared to other departments, technology has often been considered the poor brother of the family. While Finance, Marketing and Operations are usually present on the board of directors, the technology may have difficulty obtaining the highest recognition levels.

The evolution of IT departments from a traditional orientation of administrative support to a strategic role within the organization is fundamental not only for the fulfillment of the goals, but also to be more competitive in a globalized world. When the IT area is not properly aligned with the business, companies make an extra effort of time and money, and move away from the objectives.

As information technology becomes more strategic for organizations, we’ll see that the IT department stops be a bottleneck and becomes an accelerator of digital transformation. It will no longer be seen as a barrier to achieving business results, but will be a key player in achieving them.

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