Passion not only allows a certain person to do the work voluntarily, but also to find an impulse to continue to work hard every day

It is common to hear people say that we all come to this world with a single purpose, and that it is our obligation to find it and develop it. Turning our passion into our profession is duty. Hence, there are people who ask themselves if they are really dedicating their time to what they have come to do, or only losing it in another temporary hobby, because they do not find that which makes them feel special and differentiates them from others. This can lead to an existential vacuum that in some cases becomes impossible to fill.

A professional career can be exciting and become the center of our lives, without sacrificing personal life.

There will be cases in which people have really made a mistake when deciding on a profession, since their attitudes and skills are not they combine with the demands of their work. There will also be cases in which people feel that their profession is not fulfilling their expectations, but not because they were wrong, but because they do not have the ideal conditions to enjoy it; They do not feel passion

In most cases where a person feels that they have made a mistake in their profession, the problem is not in the what, but in the how, because they are not measuring that the work can be something more than the means to pay the bills at the end of the month.

We all have more than one significant quality, and we can do more than one thing well.

As the proverb would say, nobody gets up every morning to be mediocre. Being a good professional in any field means not stop training. The restlessness of knowing allows us to transform ourselves; It makes us apprentices of life and, therefore, it is a condition for that luck and that happiness that we can work for. Putting challenges and struggle to overcome them is one of the wisest and exciting attitudes of life.

There are so many challenges in the world, you may feel overwhelmed or repressed by this, or you may wonder how we can think differently? You need courage to keep trying, even if you are not 100% sure it will work, but keep trying. This is how big things have happened. The man decided to go to the moon not because it was easy but because it was difficult, because he felt passion for what he still did not know.

Our ambitions are a false ceiling of what we can achieve.

The worst nightmare we can have is that we will not be able to solve the biggest challenges. Those who achieve success, no matter in which discipline, have an iron determination that works in two ways: on the one hand they are workers and resilient, that is, flexible and capable of adapting to the circumstances, and on the other hand, they have very clear what they want to achieve. People who have a purpose increase their passion by being convinced that their work is important for other people and those who have expectations are more perseverant.

Do not let the day end without growing up a bit, without having been happy, without having increased your dreams. Think of yourself as the future and face the task with pride and without fear.

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