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We develop Apps that users love

With a user-centered and data-driven approach, we devised a customized team that works
closely with each of our customers creating a mobile application that users love.

Native mobile app

Developments for certain operating systems: iOS, Android, Win Phone.

  • Better Performance.
  • Access to specific features of the device.
  • Greater power in the graphic interface.

Aplicaciones Nativas

Multi-platform mobile app

Our senior team will discuss in detail your needs and best approach.

  • Appearance and performance of a native application.
  • Savings in time and costs.
  • High compatibility.

Aplicaciones Multiplataforma

Hybrid mobile app

We give you a detailed budget adjusted to your needs.

  • Reduction in development times.
  • Faster app version updates.

Aplicaciones Hibridas

We gather the experience and the necessary talent

We connect with passion to create a mobile application that positively impacts people. We do much more than lines of code, we make mobile applications that simplify people’s lives.

1. User experience

We start with models and prototypes that allow us to focus on the end user, usability and value interactions. We seek to create a memorable and special mobile experience.

2. Agility – time-to-market

An agile and pragmatic approach that allows us to generate speed and quality where others fail.

3. Performance

We create optimized mobile applications designed for the performance and growth of the company. We create a backend environment and Fron-Ent scalable and easy to evolve.

4. Security 360

We follow the most stringent security standards in the industry, using advanced authentication mechanisms and encrypted data transfer.

5. Integration and interoperability

We do not reinvent the wheel – We seek to accelerate the process by integrating and using APIs and products that simplify and add value. We achieve architectures mobile adaptable and interoperable with existing infrastructures.

6. Multiple approaches

Our experience and ability in native, multi-platform and hybrid applications allow us to identify the fastest and most effective way to create the mobile application you want.

We take you to the next level!

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