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We follow an Agile, Open and Successful collaboration model.

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Our working models

The diversity of objectives and requirements of our clients has led us to offer different work models.

Dedicated Teams

You determine the skills you require and the size of the team based on your needs and business objectives. In a few days our business manager will provide you with the ideal profiles for your needs.

We organize workshops, meetings and work sections on effective knowledge transfer. We define a team incorporation plan dedicated to your projects based on your needs and expectations.

✓ Perfect for complex projects.

✓ Long-term collaboration.

✓ Level of participation to your measure.

MVP for startups

Your idea turned into a final product ready to launch on the market.
Perfect for companies and projects with limited reach.

We estimate the time and budget necessary to deliver an MVP before the start of development and handle all administration tasks. Perfect if you have clear requirements and certain deadlines.

✓ Fast planning phase and rapid follow-up.

✓ Qualified team to carry out your project.

✓ Early release and continuous support.


That comply with the vision of your business, on time and without leaving the budget. Perfect for small and medium businesses, it is better suited to complex long-term projects.

We estimate and agree on the particular scope of the work. This makes us more flexible in time management and planning.

✓ Agile development teams.

✓ Quick launch to the market.

✓ Infrastructure and cutting edge technologies.

We are agile and collaborative

When we develop projects, we use a collaborative work model in which the client is an active part of the process. Being in constant communication and making early deliveries of review allows us to meet the demands of customers, ensuring the quality and success of our services.

Our experience will help you achieve your business objective, maximizing the investment made in your systems and taking control of development, maintenance and human resources costs.


We take you to the next level!

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