Ticket System

Ticket system under web, responsive,
that allows to have a record of equipment park,
generate technical orders, reports,
customized modules for clients.

Development time

2 months


3 developers







Ticket System

System of tickets under web environment, responsive, that allows to have a record of equipment park, generate technical orders with copy to the mail, a series of reports, customized modules for clients, administrator and technical users, and must be able to keep a count of business hours from the moment a ticket is created, in order to generate a report on the Services Level Agreement.


To have a system of tickets under web, responsive environment, to manage clients, technicians, generation of tickets, technical orders and reports.




  • Ticket system.
  • Responsive.
  • User and profile management.
  • Equipment park.
  • Reports.


A responsive ticket system that allows user management, creation of customer profiles, fleet of equipment per customer, reports and functionalities required by the customer.

Main features

We cover the client's main needs and provide the extra effort
we are used to.

System of self-managed tickets

Our ticket system provides customers with their own support portal to create or check the status of tickets. By doing this we automate the support system, so users do not have to make calls to report problems or follow the status of their support requests.

SLAs Management

Our ticket system incorporates SLAs, giving users the best security that their problem will be solved within a set time. The system allows you to define your SLAs and notify you when an SLA has been violated.

Notification rules

When customers make a ticket request, they will receive a confirmation that the system received the request. Our application is so intuitive that it can also send notifications when a ticket is changed or when it has been assigned to a technician.


The administrator profile can request reports of created tickets, outstanding tickets, closed tickets, reports by client, technical, date range. violations of SLAs. Technical data sheet of the customers with the computer equipment park. Reports according to the type of problem and according to the serial number of the printer or PC. And many other reports that can be configured in our application.

Development tools


VueJS icon Vue JS
Node JS icon Node JS
Java icon Java
Docker icon Docker
MySQL icon MySQL


Postman icon Postman
Selenium icon Selenium
Apache JMeter icon Apache JMeter
Wireshark icon Wireshark
Testlink icon Testlink
SonarQube icon SonarQube
SoapUI icon SoapUI


Goole cloud icon Google cloud