Successful developments for satisfied customers

Backed by the extensive experience that characterizes us in the tourism sector, Innova4J has offered custom made digital solutions to large European business groups. Among them, stands out the largest tourist group in Catalonia.

This is an online intermediary of the European tourism sector connected with thousands of customers and hundreds of suppliers, which receives, through its XML / Online services, more than 150 million requests daily and generates more than 80 million of these from its suppliers; increasing year after year the number of requests and therefore the demand for their service.

Innova4J helped the tourism group to modernize its adopted services, under stored database procedures to respond to the requests of all its customers around the world with greater speed. Thanks to the possibility of effectively displaying an event among hundreds of millions, the company managed to reduce the incidents solving average time related to online sales services by 40%.

Similarly, the costs and infrastructure scalable model implemented by our technological tool BPulse, has made it easier for our clients to include new sources of information every day that enrich the processes of analysis and decision making. This is how our products and services of custom made solutions have helped various companies to improve the number of daily requests processed and the speed of response to such requests.